Recruiting Summary: Document Review

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You can view all comments and review the document in the Recruiting Summary: Document Review section before routing it for approval. You can access this page by clicking the Document Review arrow on the navigation menu.


Document Summary information and a link that enables you to change your desk/view appear just below the page header. Beneath the summary is a link to the corresponding View Position Details page.

In the routing section, any notes relating to the document are displayed. To the right is the Verify Document button. Click the button to have HRMS conduct an audit review of the document. HRMS identifies any incomplete/incorrect entries.

Use the drop-down menu to select one of two actions; a text box will appear with corresponding instructions:

The routing history panel at the bottom of the section displays document information. As shown above, the panel shows when the document was created and by whom, which desk is currently reviewing it, and the department and name of the next reviewer in the routing sequence.

Beneath the routing area, the following information about the position appears:

Links to the right allow you to:

Other information appearing on the Document Review page:

Recruiting Summary Information

The posting number, document ID, and position ID are displayed, followed by position-related information:

Applicant Selected for Hire

Click the Hide/Show link to view information about the individual who was hired for the position, about the assignment, and about the appointment.

Applicants Not Selected for Hire

Click the Hide/Show link to view names of the individuals who were not hired for the position, their status, and the reason they were not hired.

Assignment Information

Click the Hide/Show link to view information related to the position, including any actions that are required.

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