Recruiting Summary: Communications

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View information about a position’s applicants in the Recruiting Summary: Communications section. You can access this page by selecting the Communications arrow on the navigation menu.


Document Summary information and a link that enables you to change your desk/view appear just below the page header. Beneath the summary is a link to the corresponding View Position Details page. To view a description of the job, the public job posting, or applicant instructions, click the corresponding link. Specifics related to the recruiting effort, including number of vacancies and posting status, are also displayed.

Applicant List

A sample of the Recruiting Summary Applicant List is provided below.


The Applicant List provides the following information for all applicants:

Information is displayed in descending order, beginning with the most recent. Use the up/down arrows arrow to reverse the order of any column.

When you have completed the Communications page, click the Hire arrow on the navigation bar.

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