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NOTE: This HRMS screen is only available if the position has been filled.

The applicant who has been selected for the position is identified in the Recruiting Summary: Hire section. Justification for the hire is presented, as are start date, hours per week, salary, and appointment details. You can access this page by clicking the Hire arrow on the navigation menu.


Document Summary information and a link that enables you to change your desk/view appear just below the page header. Beneath the summary is a link to the corresponding View Position Details page.

To view a description of the job, the public job posting, or applicant instructions, click the corresponding link. Specifics related to the recruiting effort, including number of vacancies and posting status, are also displayed.

The Recruiting Summary: Hire section is divided into the following subsections:

Hiring Information

This section lists the following information:

NOTE: Read more information about changing the applicant selection once the Recruiting Summary has been routed.

Assignment Information

This section identifies the position ID to be being filled by the new hire. Click the link to go to the corresponding View Position Details page.

Click the New employee record link to create a Master Employee Record for the new hire.

NOTE: All employees must fill out an I-9 by their third work day.

HRMS will inform you if a background check is required. If so, click the link to view information and guidelines. (Click here for additional information.)

The position's hours per week are displayed.

Salary Information

The posted salary range (minimum, maximum, and non-posted negotiable limit) for the position is displayed. If applicable, the annual rate is also posted. If the employee is eligible for BRP, confirm that the rate reflects the appropriate increase amount.

The following appointment information is displayed:

If the employee will NOT be at this location for the full period of the appointment, a notice will appear.

Check the Add/see another appointment box to view data for additional appointments.


The applicant's state and country of residence are shown, followed by the Actual Work Location where the individual will be employed by the university.

Additional Pay

Any pay that the applicant will receive in addition to base salary is listed. Click here to view additional pay types.

Employment of Close Relatives

If the applicant has relatives working at the university, a brief description of any relationships that might unfairly influence the applicant's job duties, transfer or promotion, salary, or other employment considerations are included here.

When you are finished reviewing this page, click the Recruiting arrow on the navigational menu.

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