Recruiting Summary: Applicants

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You can view information on a position's applicants in the Recruiting Summary: Applicants section. This page opens when you enter a posting number or document ID on the initial Recruiting Summary section and click Go.


Document Summary information and a link that enables you to change your desk/view appear just below the page header. Beneath the summary is a link to the corresponding View Position Details page. For multiple applicants, more than one link will appear.

To view a description of the job, the public job posting, or applicant instructions, click the corresponding link. Specifics related to the recruiting effort, including number of vacancies and posting status, are also displayed.

NOTE: UT Austin users should consult your Staffing and Career Management representative to discuss best practices concerning screening and hiring applicants and to determine the university's current document retention rules.

Two viewing modes are possible on this page, Summary View and Qualifier View:



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