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The Search tool helps you find information related to either positions or documents. You can access this page by clicking the Search tab on any HRMS page header.

Position Search

  1. To initiate a position search, click the Search|Position tabs. The following screen appears.


  1. Select an institution from the first drop-down menu.
  2. Select the type of search from the second drop-down menu. You can conduct a search based on any of these criteria:
  1. Enter the corresponding search term.
  2. Click Search. Information based on your search criteria appears below the search window, as shown in the example below:


  3. For additional search features, select the Advanced Options link. The page expands to reveal more search tools according to the search criteria:
  4. For example, changing the search criteria to UT Arlington and Job Code produces the following options:
  5. If applicable, check any refining search attributes and click Search.
  6. HRMS reloads the page and posts your results.

Document Search

To initiate a document search, click the Documents tab. The following screen appears.


  1. Document searches can be conducted in various ways:
    • Option 1 – Enter the creator's EID, select a category and document type from the drop-down menu, and click Go.
    • Option 2 – Enter the date a job posting opened, using the calendar lookup as needed. To search a date range, include an end date and click Go.
    • Option 3 – Enter a posting ID and click Go.
    • Option 4 – Enter a position ID and click Go.
    • Option 5 – Enter a unit code and click Go. You can narrow your search within the unit code by entering start and/or end dates.
  2. HRMS reloads the page and posts your results.

Take me to the Search section of HRMS. go_button