Reclassify a Filled Position: Document Review

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Help sections available for the Reclassify a New Position process for a filled A&P/Classified/Teacher/Librarian position:

Start | General | Salary/Funding | Purpose/Functions | Qualifications | Working Conditions | Justification | Incumbent | Document Review

You can view all comments and review previously completed sections before routing the document for approval in the Reclassify a Position: Document Review section, which can be accessed from the Reclassify a Position: Incumbent section in the Walk-me-through mode and follows that section in the All-in-one mode.


Document summary information and a link that enables you to change your desk/view appear just below the page header. To view a description of the job, click the View job description link situated beneath the scrolling navigation bar. You can review the job posting by clicking Preview the public job posting.

The Reclassify a Position: Document Review section is arranged as follows:

The remaining portion of the Document Review page provides summaries of each document section that you have reviewed/revised; a partial view is provided here.


    NOTE: If you are the document's creator, all sections will automatically be open; if you are a reviewer, all will be closed.

  1. Click on [SHOW] next to the section title to view expanded information. Updated Sections are identified by a yellow text box, as shown above next to the expanded Justification section.
  2. To make additional changes, open any Reclassify a Position section and modify the information.
  3. Click Save & Verify to save your changes and let HRMS perform an audit. Reset clears all fields; any unsaved work will be lost.

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