Modify a Position: Start
Non-Pooled University Affiliate

Help sections available for the Modify a Position process for non-pooled university affiliates:

Start | General | Incumbent | Document Review

The Modify a Position document enables you to modify an existing non-pooled university affiliate position and/or an existing incumbent assignment. You can access the position you wish to modify by entering a unit code on the Browse Positions page, clicking Go, and then selecting a Position ID from the table that appears. The View Position Details page opens and displays the Position ID that you selected.

The Modify link appears to the right of the page, below the header. HRMS will advise you if a document is pending, as the following example shows.

pending_document_non-pooled _aw

NOTE: If there are conflicting pending documents associated with the position, you must wait for them to final approve before you can modify the position.

Click the Modify link to open the Modify Position: Start page. On the left half of the page, the current creator desk is identified; beneath are the Walk-me-through and All-in-one buttons. To the right, the Job Title, Position ID, and, if applicable, Incumbent name and EID are displayed.

Verify the information and click either the Walk-me-through or All-in-one button.