Modify a Position: Document Review
Pooled University Affiliate

Help sections available for the Modify a Position process for a pooled university affiliate position:

Start | General | Document Review

You can review all changes to the pooled university affiliate position before routing the document for approval in the Modify a Position: Document Review section. You can access this section by clicking Document Review in the document navigation on the left side of the page.

Document summary information and a link that enables you to change your desk/view appear just below the page header. To review position attributes, click the View position details link displayed beneath the scrolling navigational bar.

The Document Review section is arranged as follows:

In the rectangular area near the top of the screen, a link enables you to access e-mail notifications; below that, any notes relating to the document are displayed.

In the area to the right are two large buttons and a drop-down menu.

The routing history panel at the bottom of the section displays document information. The panel displays the following information: when the document was created and by whom, which desk is currently reviewing it, and the department and name of the next reviewer in the routing sequence.

The remaining portion of the Document Review page provides summaries of each document section..

Below the routing information, summary information of each section is displayed, and can be reviewed and/or edited.

  1. Enter Document Remarks to advise approvers up the routing chain of the purpose of the document.
  2. Click SHOW next to the section title to view expanded information; click HIDE to collapse the section.
  3. To make additional changes, open any section and modify the information.
  4. Reset clears all fields; any unsaved work will be lost.
  5. Click Save & Finish to save your changes. HRMS performs an audit of the entire document.

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