Mass Update: Start

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The Mass Update: Start page, shown below, allows you to update certain attributes for multiple positions/incumbents at once

mass update start

The Mass Update process lets you update positions in a unit either by listing all positions for a unit and selecting them or by adding positions one-by-one to your document.

To start the process:

List Positions By Unit

If you decide to list positions for a unit, you can filter the list by position type and select positions you wish to update. NOTE: If there are any pending documents associated with a position or incumbent, that position or incumbent cannot be included in the Mass Update process until any pending documents are final approved. At any time if you wish to switch from viewing a list of positions to adding positions one by one, you can by selecting Option 2 Switch to add positions one by one.

List Positions By Unit

Add Positions One By One

If you decide to add positions one by one, enter a Position ID in the table, and click the Add Positions link to add more positions to your Mass Update document.

Add Positions One by One

After you have selected positions, click Create Mass Update Document button to go to the Mass Update: Position Attributes section.

Take me to the Mass Update: Start section of HRMS. go_button