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Pooled University Affiliate

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An incumbent is an individual who has an assignment to a position. When a university affiliate is assigned to work in a specific position, he or she becomes the incumbent and inherits the attributes of the position. When the university affiliate leaves a position, the position retains its attributes and is vacant. Another incumbent can then fill the position.

The Incumbent View for a pooled university affiliate position can be accessed by selecting the Position|Incumbent tabs, entering the Position ID and View as of date, and clicking Go.


The Incumbent List, which displays all incumbents assigned to the pooled position, appears.

To view the Incumbent View page for an individual in the pool, click the EID next to his or her name on the list. A link below the header, Return to Incumbent Pool for Position ID . . . , returns you to the Incumbent List.

Incumbent View information is arranged as follows:

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