Assign Work-Study: Funding
Work-Study, Non-Pooled Student

Help sections available for the Assign Work-Study process for non-pooled students:

Start | General | Incumbent | Funding | Document Review

The Modify Document: Funding section allows you to modify the funding for an existing non-pooled student in a work-study position. You can access this section by clicking Save & Finish on the Assign Work-Study: Incumbent page or by clicking the Funding arrow on the Navigation Menu.


Document summary information and a link that enables you to change your desk/view appear just below the page header. To review position attributes, click the View Position Details link for the position ID displayed.

The Modify Document: Funding section is divided as follows:

HRMS notifies you if the non-pooled work-study position is not funded. If it is unfunded, use the text box that appears to explain why. The earliest effective date for actual funding of the position appears just below the text box.

The table displays information related to the position's funding, arranged as follows:

Use the up/down arrows (arrows) to reverse the order of the table according to the column selected.

Click the Add funding link to add new funding information; a green star icon (star_icon) appears to identify the new entry.

Click [undo] to remove a line.


Buttons located at the bottom of the section allow you to take these actions:

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