Introduction to University Affiliate Positions


University affiliates are individuals who have relationships with The University of Texas at Austin outside of traditional employment. The incumbent can be paid or unpaid, and may have a university affiliate assignment in addition to other assignments at the university. They may be individuals who need access to university services, such as laboratories or parking privileges, and prior to HRMS, received these accesses through 0% appointments or through Official Visitor letters. Not all university affiliates require access to university services; designating the most appropriate level of privileges determines eligibility and access to services for all incumbents assigned to a position.

Individuals cannot be assigned zero hours [0%] to Classified or Administrative and Professional positions unless they also hold assignments to Faculty positions.

When is a university affiliate assignment required in HRMS?

An assignment in HRMS is required for the following types of university affiliate positions:

*Most departments are required to manage casual employees in HRMS.

For all other university affiliates, if the individual requires services or accesses that would have been granted through the creation of a 0% appointment in *DEFINE or through an Official Visitor Letter prior to the implementation of HRMS (Phase 2), the individual must have an assignment in HRMS. A university affiliate position and associated assignments can be created for the purpose of tracking workers, if a department chooses to do so.

University affiliate types and examples

For detailed information on university affiliate types, view the University Affiliate Types page. Follow this link to view assignment requirements for university affiliates.

Pooled positions

University affiliate positions can be pooled or non-pooled. Pooled positions allow multiple simultaneous assignments of incumbents to a single position.

Account for Incidental Expenses

This account number is required on all university affiliate positions. Incidental expenses include, but are not limited to, background checks and University ID cards.


Privilege refers to entitlements extended to incumbents assigned to university affiliate positions. Privileges are not required and should be determined based on the role of the position. Privileges are designated when the position is created, and all incumbents assigned to the position inherit the privileges. Types of privileges include:

* Note: By default, the campus wireless network is not accessible to a University Affiliate position unless the position’s privileges include Official Visitor. By selecting the privilege of Public Network Access alone or in combination with other privileges, the department is sponsoring network privileges for incumbents assigned to the University Affiliate position and takes responsibility for the incumbent’s actions on the network. This entitlement extends the same network access (Wi-Fi, VPN) as a full time staff (at cost to the university). Departments should only grant this access for uses consistent with the university's mission. Minors may not be granted access to the public network unless the sponsoring department contacts ITS Networking to sign an MOU.

Visit the ITS website to learn more about basic information on ID cards.